Dr. Alexander Vereshchagin
The General Director of The Institute of Precedent, LLC - holds Ph.D. in Law degree from the University of Essex, UK. He is the first Russian lawyer ever who was conferred a doctorate by research in England. He also holds an LL.M. degree in European Business Law received under Pallas Programme which unites nine leading universities of the EU.

His monographs include an early legal and historical research on the theories of local government and two books on his major topic - “Judicial Law-Making in Russia” (
Sudebnoe pravotvorchestvo v Rossii), which was published in the Russian language in 2004, and Judicial Law-Making in Post-Soviet Russia (Cavendish Publishing, 2007), not to mention many articles on commercial law and judicial system. Apart from academic journals, he regularly appears on the pages of general press (Vedomosti, Forbes,, where he publishes articles on legal issues which are of interest to general public.

He is regarded as one of the leading Russian specialists on the law of precedent. Among other things, he produced an elaborate system of compact description of legal holding in a court decision (
ratio decidendi) and implemented it in collaboration with the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation. His experience as a practitioner is remarkable – he worked both as a consultant and in-house lawyer (the head of legal department of a major private equity fund).


Mr. Dmitry Voencher – The Chairman of the Coordination Board of The Institute of Precedent, LLC - has a vast professional experience which enables him to find a creative and optimal decision of the pending legal problem in a majority of cases. He is the author of a number of original legal positions which subsequently became precedents in court practice. For example, he succeeded in:

- ceasing a multi-million litigation by way of a 15-minute talk with the head of the opposite party to dispute (2000);

- proving legal succession between a federal ministry and previously liquidated organizations in spite of the lack of formal documents to that effect (2002);

- clearing the Federal Space Agency from claims related to profit tax from ground control sector of space stations Mir and MKS (2003);

- winning from RAO UES of Russia in favour of regional electric power companies an investment component of electricity tariff (2005);

- defeating allegations of the Investigation Committee against the major shareholder of one of the biggest chemical companies in Europe (2006);

- helping a 12 percent shareholder of a limited liability company possessing a massive piece of real estate in Sochi to exclude the 88 percent shareholder from the company (2007);

- achieving an extrajudicial surrender by one of major banks of its pledge-holder rights in respect of an important asset as a result of presenting persuasive arguments of the new owner of the pledgor company (2008);

- making a court precedent, subsequently supported by all judicial instances up to the Supreme Court of Russia, regarding the division of a house of 1000 sq. meters, in spite of its formally being the sole dwelling premise of the debtor (2010);

- creating a precedential decision on the transfer of the part of the house which remained with the debtor, to the ownership of the judgment creditor (2012);

- returning a land plot, appropriated by the Moscow Government, to the developer (2012).

Besides legal education, Dmitry has degrees in the military field and engineering. He also has an additional psychological education. The author of the book “Debts: An Efficient Recovery” (2001). He was awarded Russian patents for intellectual property (2004, 2005).

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