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10 may 2017 в 22:00

Ekonomicheskaya Politika, the journal of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, has recently published an article by Dr. Alexander Vereshchagin, the Director of the Institute of Precedent. Its title is “The Assessment of Feasibility of Potential Bar Monopoly in Russia”. The article can be downloaded by following the link.

16 April 2017 в 23:00

The Institute of Precedent, in cooperation with the Russian Law Journal, starts publishing digests of decisions of the Supreme and Constitutional Courts of Russia. This project is, in a certain sense, a continuation of an earlier one which was being developed in cooperation with the Supreme Commercial Court. The first issue for the year 2017 can be downloaded here.

1 August 2016 в 0:00

“The Herald of Economic Justice” [Vestnik ekonomicheskogo pravosudia] publishes an article by Alexander Vereshchagin, in which a controversial court practice regarding the liability of bankruptcy trustee is addressed.

20 April 2016 в 0:00

The legal monthly ZAKON has published an article written by Alexander Vereshchagin jointly with Vladimir Nazarov. The article analyses the system of court fees in the Russian Federation, as compared to foreign jurisdictions, particularly the European ones. Some excerpts from the article can be downloaded here

23 September 2015 в 0:00

The Russian leading daily Vedomosti publishes the fourth and the last article by Alexander Vereshchagin, the head of our company, which is devoted to the 1864 Judicial Reform and its actual aspects. The earlier articles of this series have been published in the issues from 5.12.2014, 23.01.2015 and 28.04.2015.

23 July 2015 в 0:00

The General Director of The Institute of Precedent, LLC Dr. Alexander Vereshchagin has joined the editorial board of the law journal “Zakon”. Among the members of the board are distinguished legal scholars, statesmen and practitioners: Professors G.A. Ghadzhiev (Judge of the Russian Constitutional Court), A.G.Karapetov, E.A.Sukhanov, D.O.Tuzov, V.F.Yakovlev (Advisor to the President of Russia), Russian Minister of Justice  A.V.Konovalov, etc. See the complete list  of the members of the board

1 October 2014 в 0:00

A paper written by Alexander Vereshchagin and Vadim Novikov on the cases of "the infringement of interests" of a contracting party under Article 10 of the Russian Competition Law may be downloaded here (in the Russian language).

26 August 2014 в 0:00

A commentary for the legal newspaper "EZH-Iurist" on the first steps of the new Supreme Court. Text

20 August 2014 в 0:00

Alexander Vereshchagin, the General Director of The Institute of Precedent, shares his opinion on postgraduate legal degrees with the Information Agency “Garant”. See more (in Russian)

7 July 2014 в 0:00

A commentary for the journal “Competition and Law” concerning the decision of the Supreme Commercial Court on the invalidity of “recommendations” issued by the Federal Antimonopoly Service  with the purpose to legitimize its “dawn raids”. See more (in Russian)

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