Mission of the Company


What we are doing: 

helping those who are right in the “spirit” of the law to win in the courtroom;

- giving quality expert opinions on legal issues.

Examples of services we successfully provided: 

Tax Law – an optimal structuring of transactions; consultations on taxation of foreign citizens working in Russia; taxation of interest payments within a group of companies (thin capitalization rules) and of interest-free loans; transfer pricing; investment agreements with State authorities; customs duties and “parafiscal” charges; the use of double taxation treaties and their benefits;  

Labour Law – hiring of personnel and its dismissal; visas and work permits, combining of jobs and professions, financial liability of employees, regulation of work time, protection of confidential information; 

Land Law – disputes arising out of investment agreements; buying out a land under lease; compensation for compulsory taking of land (eminent domain); 

Civil Law – lease and financial leasing; loans and security construction; compensation of losses for the actions of State authorities; franchising, copyright, defamation disputes; domain names and trade marks; 

Corporate Issues – creating the most convenient management structure; liability of top managers and shareholders; drafting shareholders’ agreements; registration of legal entities; due diligence, mergers and acquisitions; helping in creation of offshore and cross-border corporate structures; trusts; advising on the consequences of foreign sanctions against Russia and on their implications for businesses and natural persons who may be anyhow affected;

Competition Law – helping in antitrust disputes and receiving approvals from antitrust authorities; verification of compliance of contractual clauses with the Law on Protection of Competition; foreign investments into industrial assets of “strategic” importance;  participation in antidumping investigations; 

Private International Law – recognition and execution of court decisions delivered in foreign jurisdictions; drafting contracts under the law of England and Wales, full-fledged assistance in disputes resolution in LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration).

We are happy to offer a quality legal aid to our clients.

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